Design. Artwork. Prototyping. 3D Rendering. Compliance.

Wayyyy back in 2014, Great Food Affairs approached us to design their new crisp brand: SLABS CRISPS. 

Since then we’ve worked on a wide range of projects together; design for other brands, illustration, artwork, prototypes, renders, secondary packaging, compliance…the works! 

A well-established snacking brand, Great Food Affairs needed something unique for the SLABS CRISPS brand and from initial design to new flavours, sizes, and markets, we’ve been there for it all.

The SLABS CRISPS branding perfectly matches the product itself: bold, impactful, and eye-catching. The design brief included several flavour combinations which have since been expanded, offering crisp lovers a strong hit of flavour to suit everyone’s tastes! 

The pack design focuses on the product itself, featuring a large, close-up image of the crisps. The rest of the pack is a masterclass in minimalism, so the eye is consistently drawn to the crisps themselves, making you more likely to pick up the pack.

Having worked on multiple pack sizes, in 2022 we were tasked with making prototypes of the bags in Proof+. It was brilliant to see the crisps in person, and we went to work printing, filling and sealing each bag ready to go back to the customer!

Bold, Impactful & Eye-Catching

As a global company, Great Food Affairs needed the SLABS CRISPS brand to not only catch the eye of consumers but also be suitable for every country they are sold in. So it was perfect timing that we branched out into compliance just as they were looking to launch into Europe and the US – you can read more about what we did to help and why in our blog, if you’d like to know more.

It’s always great seeing how a brand grows and getting to be involved in its development over the years, but this one is extra special as we all LOVE snacks! We can’t wait to see where this brand goes in the future.