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End to End Service

From brand conception to product photography and everything in between, our in-house team of experts are here to help with your design or branding project, whatever stage of development it’s at. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new food packaging design, product photography, or a physical packaging prototype to share with retailers, we’re here to help.

Our process takes projects from design to print, and we have a long history of working collaboratively with big and small businesses, turning ideas into commercial success, and working tirelessly to deliver designs that surpass expectations, often to very tight timescales and marketing budgets.

Completely flexible in our approach, we’ll work seamlessly with you and your teams – fitting around your schedule to deliver on time. Every time.

We’re fiercely proud of our story, let us be a part of yours.

Brand Design

Your brand identity matters. Fact.

More than just a fancy logo or clever strapline, your brand and brand design should take your customers on a journey; telling them the story about who you are and what’s important to you.

Our team of designers and illustrators are passionate about delivering designs that pack a visual punch, and over the last decade, we’ve launched new brands to market and helped existing brands to evolve. We’ve seen the world change from physical to digital and have adapted our processes, technology, and techniques to ensure we’re always a step ahead.

We started life as part of Reflex, one of the largest packaging printing companies in the UK, which gives us a unique insight and understanding of the bigger picture. Unlike other design agencies, our finished designs will always be 100% ready to print, with as much attention spent on the finer details that so often get overlooked.

There are no egos here, we’re not in this for vanity projects or to win awards (although we’ve got a few of those too!) we’ve got time for everyone and promise we won’t baffle you with technical jargon or confusing buzzwords. We pride ourselves on consistency, clarity, and a calm approach that will leave you in no doubt that we’re the right team for your next creative project.

  • Packaging design
  • Brand design
  • Brand identity
  • Digital design
  • Advertising
  • Point of sale

Brand Strategy

Before you have a brand, you need a brand strategy; an idea of why your brand exists, who your customers are, and how you’re going to find them.  It’s so much more than a logo and colour palette; your brand strategy should define your brand, its objectives and act as the cornerstone of your business – the pivotal point from which business decisions are made.

Using data to provide insights around your competitors and audience, we’re able to help you make informed decisions that feed into your brand strategy. We’ve worked with big established companies and small start-ups, helping them to define their brand, answering questions such as: what problems does my brand solve? Who are my competitors and what can I learn from them?

Covering the entire spectrum of brand and marketing strategy, our team can help you from inception to promotion and everything in between.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience insights and
    persona creation
  • Digital keyword research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Campaign ideation
  • PR strategy
  • Project management
  • Brand consultancy
  • Copywriting

3D Rendering and visualisation

3D rendering and visualisation is now an essential part of the design process and we are HERE FOR IT! 

We create 3D product images and packshots for innovative brands who want visually stunning marketing collateral, often even before it’s gone to print. 

Our team of 3D artists and animators will help to visually tell your products story and can be used to bring products to life before they’ve been created, or to build compelling marketing images for your website, social channels, or company presentations.

  • 3D Rendering
  • Key visuals
  • Augmented reality
  • Website design
  • Mobile UI design
  • Motion graphics
  • Animations
  • Digital brand-enhancement
  • Video editing and re-touching
Tub of orange Glorious Soup with cherry tomatoes all around it
Close up shot of the label from a bottle of Sauvingnon Blanc
Two bottle of älska cider next to each other, one side of the image has a red, green and blackground, the other is creating a splash of water
Bottle of single malt whiskey surrounded by smoke with a light shining above it
Two bottles of Ojos Spritz against a background of the sillouhettes of people dancing on the beach

Artwork & Repro

Our experienced and talented artworkers make the pre-press process look easy, ensuring all projects reach press on time and ready to print.

Think of us as your brand guardians, custodians of your brand equity, and there to make sure the colour, font, and images perfectly represent the design vision you’ve spent time and money perfecting.

In addition, our talented and experienced creative artwork team will add all required regulatory information and pack copy, ensuring everything fits within print parameters.

  • Full pre-press solution
  • Brand guideline creation
  • Design integrity managed
  • Layouts and roll-outs
  • Proof-reading
  • Colour management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Brand Font managed

Photography @ Beehive Mill

We offer the highest quality professional product photography that will elevate your brand to the next level.  All from our brand new, state of the art photography studio situated in Beehive Mill, Manchester.

Working closely with you to create visually impactful, creative imagery that can be used to promote your products across a range of media, our photography has helped clients find new customers, win awards, and secure investments.

Using the latest tech, sleekest backdrops, and best camera equipment we can help you create a portfolio of images and product shots to be proud of.

  • Product placement shots
  • Pack shots
  • Studio sessions
  • E-commerce shots
  • Lifestyle shots
  • Art direction
  • Food photography and styling
  • Digital promotions
  • Fully controlled lighting
  • Retouching
Photographic studio set up with flash lights and a female crouched down taking photos of a box
Two females sat opposite each other on a square bank of chip board desks with apple macs in front of them
Female wearing a colourful checked skirt taking photos of a box sat on a white background. There is flash equipment around her
Two people sat on a black velvet Chesterfield sofa in a large spacious room with exposed brick walls and wooden floors
Two small square signs open a black shelf outside an open door leading into an office
Top down view of a photographic studio set up with flash lights and a female crouched down taking photos of a box

Prototyping with Proof+

Proof+ is a prototyping service that breathes energy into creativity; it provides brands, retailers, and beverage bottlers with the ability to manage standards early on in the design process and bring packaging to life before investing in a full production run.

Harnessing decades of print knowledge and expertise, using the unique Colour Guardian™ colour management technology and in collaboration with market-leading raw material suppliers, Proof+ delivers press-ready proofs that match exact print standards. This includes the addition of luxury finishes and embellishments such as varnish, foil, embossing, and debossing.

With a physical sample, you can experience the product through the eyes of your consumer whilst also assessing its efficacy from the perspective of your brand. This small investment will ultimately save you hugely in both time and money.

  • Brand colours managed
  • Print standards managed
  • ISO inclusive of 39L profiles
  • Spot colours matched within a Delta E of 2
  • CxF encapsulation for brand colours
  • Worldwide material library
  • Decorative tactile varnish exceeding 60μ
  • Retail standard G.U. varnish levels
  • Emboss and deboss
  • Hot and cold foil processes
  • Colour standards matched to press

CAD Design

Think inside the box and use our CAD service to create packaging that will fit your product exactly!

Utilising years of industry experience and the latest technology to manufacture a bespoke solution for packaging requirements, CAD design, material selection and die-cutting makes it possible to create almost any kind of packaging, no matter the size, fold, function or end use.

Part of Proof+, our CAD department can make literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING out of cardboard – if you’re looking for a more environmentally sustainable packaging option and want to explore the possibilities for your product, or you are unsure of the material to use for your launch, please talk to us today:

  • Carton boxes
  • Decorative rigid boxes
  • Food to go
  • Bespoke designs
  • Cardboard punnets
  • Cardboard sleeves

Let us be part of your journey!