We’re Graphic Brands. A passionate, creative agency with print in our DNA.
Visual storytellers. Brand guardians. Specialists in packaging design.

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We’re unique, unashamedly authentic, and fiercely proud of our story.

Based in Lincolnshire, our award winning agency is at the heart of creative thinking. Fusing decades of design and printing expertise, we deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service. We’ve invested in cutting-edge presses and equipment that you would find within a full printing production site, ready to help elevate your brand with our passion for precision and innovation.

Whether you’re a beers, wines and spirits brand manager working on a new product line, a health and beauty start-up looking for a beautiful box packaging design, or a marketing manager needing a realistic 3D render of your food packaging. Our team of designers, artworkers and illustrators are here to both ignite and protect your brand.

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We’d love to hear from you. If you have a project you’d like us to help you with, drop us a message or give us a ring. info@graphicbrands.co.uk