Costa Tesoro

Brand Design · Packaging · Artwork · 3D Rendering

Costa Tesoro red wine logo against a black old map
Black bottle with a Costa Tesoro label against a dark image of a cave

Echoes of Legends.

In the 16th century, the infamous English pirate Sir Francis Drake, known for his exploits, allegedly concealed a trove of jewels and treasures along Chile’s Valparaíso coast. Despite no confirmed discoveries of this illustrious cache, the allure of the tale’s intrigue and mystery captivated our client.

Costa Tesoro, translating to Treasure Cove, embodies the essence of this narrative, whisking drinkers away to an era steeped in myth. Our task was to craft a premium label for this legendary wine, tailored towards established wine drinkers and one that ensured a remarkable shelf presence.

A black embossed stamp, resembling a treasure map, commands attention at the label’s forefront, mirroring the contours of a pirate’s sail against a rugged coastline. Elaborate gold accents adorn the design, featuring the brand name, ornate Gryphons, and a monogrammed Spanish coin, giving this label an aura of opulence and exotic allure against the dark bottle backdrop.

Taking drinkers to a forgotten age, one filled with myth,
legends & secrets as deep as the ocean itself!