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Close up shot of a bottle of Ditchling Gin vodka against a black background

Our client had only just finalised the rather gorgeous recipe when we began the design process, which meant we were completely aligned to their vision from the outset. We worked together with them to choose the bottle and a brand name before starting work on the branding itself. 

The name FLING was chosen to reflect the sense of occasion as it means ‘indulgent revelry’! We wanted it to be something special, unique and different as the product is breaking into a new space – premium toffee vodka.

Our aim was to create a distinctive and elegant looking packaging that reflects the quality of the product within, instills trust and remains timeless.

The branding needed to stand out in bars, but reflect the uniqueness and novelty of the product itself. The brief was the briefest of briefs: “Something that reflects the ethos: ‘An act or period of unrestrained indulgence’, and that will make it stand out from the crowd and reflect the quality of the liquid within.”

Working within the constraints of the packaging format (the bottle is tall, elegant and completely unique, but an awkward shape for label application) we proposed a digital printed ‘no-look’ clear label rather than direct bottle print to reduce costs for the client but also to open up the possibility for print embellishments, varnishes and foils. As this bottle was initially intended for the back of the bar, the standout under various lighting environments was of utmost importance.

“Graphic Brands created a distinctive and elegant looking packaging; a bottle that stands out on the bar shelf, in harmony with a stylish label that reflects the quality of the product within”.

Director – Ditchling Spirits Ltd.

The liquid speaks for itself in terms of quality and taste therefore the branding needed to remain concise and strong in its approach to instil trust into the younger end of the target market.

The classic gold and black colour combination used within the design is reminiscent of confectionery packaging, offering premium cues for consumers looking for a luxury drink to trade up from their usual tipple. This brand/product needed to be different and disruptive in the category and initially look more established than it actually was.

The brand has now set up a new digital presence with incorporating platforms and has since had to develop a new website to handle the demand for the product.