The Appleyard King

Brand Design · Packaging · Artwork · 3D Rendering

Bottle of The Appleyard King cider against a black background

Once upon a time there lived an eccentric, wizened old man named Jeremiah Yarbleton who lived in a rickety old Shepherds hut, buried deep in the apple orchards of Henton, Somerset.

Jeremiah lived a happy, simple life and filled his days tending to the trees, planting saplings, and pioneering an ‘earth-friendly’ farming method that is still being used today. Jeremiah soon realised he could create the most delicious cider from the sweet, juicy apples that grew in abundance under his care, and people far and wide travelled for miles to enjoy a sip of the refreshingly crisp fruity nectar being offered by the ‘Appleyard King’

Appleyard King cider has been created by the Sacred Earth Cider Company and each bottle of ‘Appleyard King’ cider is made using fruit from the orchards that Jeremiah tended, with each apple carefully pressed in homage to him.

We were tasked with designing a label that tells the story of the original ‘Appleyard King’ as well as celebrating nature’s bounty of Somerset apples. In response to this brief, we created a design that makes Jeremiah the focal point and then surrounded him with the wildlife and botany that he had dedicated his life to. 

The design was enhanced with finishes that evoke depth and texture, intertwining them with the illustrated images to orchestrate a completely unique and interesting label that will stand out within the crowded cider shelf space, enticing consumers to learn about The King of (cider) Pop.

Winner of The Drinks Business Awards 2020 – Best Design and Packaging for Beer & Cider.

Celebrating nature’s bounty of Somerset apples.