Alive By Night

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Shows the full Alive By Night collection of labels on bottles on a table in a bar under UV light
A bottle featuring our hero label design, a sugar skull inspired by Day of the Dead, made up of five UV foils, alongside a pink cocktail and a gaming control

Introducing Alive By Night, the world’s first UV-reactive foiled label series.

This vibrant and bold series of eye-catching drinks labels consists of five neo-punk and retro-inspired designs, where each label alternates its appearance according to the environments lighting – daylight and blacklight.

Alive By Night’s ethos revolves around embracing the darkness, to push the boundaries, challenge the norms, and create an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. It aims to captivate and inspire the creative industry to look beyond design boundaries and explore the endless possibilities of ideas and finishes.

These five rebellious labels perfectly appeal to the tastes of today’s young, adventurous consumers and the demands of disruptive brands – those who want to stand out from the crowd and shine brightest, even in the dark.

With five UV foils, our hero label is a glitched sugar skull design inspired by Day Of The Dead, and its symbolism and celebration around the afterlife. Paired with our love for dystopian cyberpunk, by using intricate and disruptive details to enhance the vibrancy of the foils – it makes the perfect concoction for a deadly cool design!

Each design expertly blends the comfort of nostalgia and cutting-edge futuristic trends. Whether channelling the spirit of late-night animations and sci-fi in Legend, capturing the flamboyance of Lucha Libre characters in Mucha Duro, honouring the journey to the afterlife in ‘El Vuelo’, or staring into a portal to the future where artificial intelligence takes over in Wavelength, each one tells a captivating story in a mesmerising play of colours and symbolism.

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