Toast and Honey


Created for Majestic Wine, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer, Toast and Honey is a premium New World wine. 

With the aim of creating a brand that was adaptable and versatile while maintaining the premium feel of the offering, we knew we needed to create an eye-catching, sophisticated design. 

Negative space plays a big part in this label, catching the eye by using minimal added elements and attractive typography. This meant that we needed to be selective about the material used. 

The material needed to have a premium quality and texture to elevate the design and appeal to the target customer. After an extensive discussion about the pros and cons of several materials between the designers and the customer, we agreed on the current white and black material options which complement the design and the wine perfectly. 

Having two colourways allows us to personalise the label to the wine and stay true to the brand’s white, black and gold palette.

The stunning Kurz foil adds an extra shine to the label, perfectly recreating the effect of honey dripping from a spoon. The embellishments don’t stop there, a strategically placed tactile varnish gives the effect of an emboss without the added cost, giving the labels a premium feel while also staying within the customer’s desired budget. 

This unique knowledge of print techniques and how design translates to press allows us to design with achievability in mind, we don’t sell a dream which then either has to be changed or is over budget.  

“Graphic Brands were able to take an idea and bring
it to life through a series of workshops on brand identity,
design look and feel. Graphic Brands helped us make the
right selections on materials to ensure the quality and
aesthetics of the finished dry goods reflected the
premium nature of the brand. Thanks again to Graphic
Brands for their input on the creation of ‘Toast & Honey’.

Jake Biggs, Buyer at Majestic