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Bottle of Apium London Dry Gin filled with pink liquid sitting on a bar with the blurred out images of bottles of spirits behind it

In response to a request for a tactical design sprint from our client, we created a range of design and name options for an own-label gin for a major supermarket – from a more ‘budget-friendly’ option, through to premium luxury.

The creative direction took us on an explorative journey, studying apothecary and botanical science, taking inspiration from illustrations and pencil drawings documented in the notebooks of botanists, explorers and dreamers.

Our client chose the premium design from the selection we presented – a label designed on an apothecary style bottle using an uncoated material, and just two colours and foil. It features a large illustration of a coriander plant broken down into its scientific form, with the asymmetrical composition giving our client the freedom to explore other botanical options in the future.

The design needed to relate to the name Apium (Coriander) and how it benefits the taste. The plant overall has a complex flavour once distilled – it gives a citrusy, nutty and spice experience all at once which is why it is a key ingredient. It gives the Gin an overall roundness and complexity.

Delicate touches of rustic gold foil finishes are in keeping with the antique, hand-applied theme and reminiscent of the notebooks behind our inspiration.

 The natural blends give the Gin an overall roundness and delicate complexity